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Buffalo to the Bronx
From: 2010-05-17 12:33:05

At the end of Monday, nearly 100,000 state workers were furloughed by an emergency budget bill which passed the Legislature. The unpaid days off will ultimately amount to a huge reduction in pay.
We cannot afford 20 percent. We are the lowest paid. We cannot afford to be furloughed, state employee Darlene Williams said.
In a statement, Gov. David Paterson acknowledged the sacrifice, but laid the blame squarely on the unions saying "that sacrifice is only necessary because their union leadership has rejected all other reasonable attempts at compromise."
Union officials countered by saying through a spokesman, "There's a lot of waste in state government that we pointed out to the governor on many occasions, where it can cut and save the money he's looking for (from) us in concessions."
The one-day furloughs should save the state about $30 million a week and the governor said they will continue until a budget, now six weeks overdue, is hammered out.
Both employee unions, the CSEA and PEF, plan to file for injunctions to stop the furloughs before they ever begin.
Eleven other states sought to furlough state workers only to have them blocked when courts sided with unions, saying they could not force employees to take unpaid leave.


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